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Camp Rules & Etiquette

Camp Rules

  1. No smoking
  2. No illegal drugs
  3. No breaking the law (SCA, mundane, natural)
  4. No w*nkers
  5. Do your chores
  6. If you make your chocolate public, you have to share it

Camp Etiquette


In general we welcome visitors to the camp, when we are dressed and not eating or otherwise engaged in private activities. Be aware that we do not welcome anyone who cannot act in a courteous manner toward everyone in the camp. Persons not camping with us should not be led to believe that we have an open door and that they may make themselves at home at any time.

Chairs for guests
While we endeavour to provide some additional seating and guests are welcome to sit when invited, chairs are personal items and should not be offered without the ownerís permission. (And certainly not sold!)

Impromptu sleep overs
We donít think this has arisen, but we donít have a problem as long as this does not cause discourtesy, or too much hilarity, for the household. See under food for guest also.

Food for Guests
Unless prearranged we do not entertain guests for meals. Please do not invite anyone without checking because we donít cater for a surplus, so we may not be able to feed anyone even if we wanted to. Snacks etc may be offered to guests where there is sufficient.

Please note that there are occasionally those who hang around hoping to be offered food and drink that they have not contributed to. Thatís rude and they should be discouraged from doing that. Should there be left over food after the meal we can offer it elsewhere.

Discretion and confidentiality

Er, the rude stuff
Tent walls are thin, light and sound penetrates. Beds squeak. Be discrete, or expect to get ribbed for it in the morning.

Er, the slightly less rude stuff
This is your home so running about in the encampment in the company of the household in a state of semi undress (e.g. your head uncovered) is ok. Total undress is not, please put some clothes on! Being casual is ok, being rude (or tasteless is not).

By letting you in we trust you, please live up to that trust.


Being part of the household and/or camping with us is an opportunity for you to be included in our activities, and for all of us to build something greater and do more and share work that we couldnít do alone. It is not a favour we are doing you, this is not the opportunity for you to get a free ride, nor is this the chance for us to get free labour and servants.

You are expected to:

In return we will:

Customs and Traditions

Initiation into the household
if we told you about this we would have to kill you

Household rites
if we told you about this we would have to kill you

We are laid back about this. We like to be able to practice our own religions should we chose, in our own household. As this is a private setting, then you have to put up with what the members want to do. If you donít like it, look the other way, walk away or donít camp with us. You are not expected to participate in any such practices. If you want to do something, please check with the members. Please note that we expect acceptable religious practice would encompass such things as displaying period style religious objects in a period manner, personal shrines (well, not to Elvis at any rate), prayer etc. Religious practices that are right out for everyone are anything that involves getting naked, sacrificing, and eating bugs, etc.

We eat together at the table for breakfast and dinner. Lunches may be the same or a grab- what-you-can affair. We will try to avoid scheduling meals to clash with other activities. Donít expect meals to be kept or delayed for other than good reasons. If you are cooking, start early and make sure you donít delay.

Evening entertainment
Expect evenings in the encampment to be sitting in the sunshade or a tent or around the fire, singing, drinking, playing games etc. Dancing and drumming might also be up. You are welcome to visit other encampments and we may do so also (however as we have better facilities than most and are able to offer hospitality to others, we prefer to receive guests). Its nice to have snacks to share with visitors. Repay the hospitality of the camp by joining in the fun

Parties, dinners, etc
Occasionally we have functions to which others are invited. Sometimes these events within an event have a theme. You will be appraised of any special functions well ahead.

Is a middle eastern party. There will be rugs, cushions, dancing, drumming etc, probably food and almost certainly other guests. You are encouraged to get into the swing of things and enjoy the evening.

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